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Lake Forggensee

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2/24/2020 : 10:04 pm

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Lake Forggensee - an artificial lake

Ice age cross section for the sea-basin

The lake Forggensee was developed 1954 as artificial lake and fills a natural basin. Therefore it possesses a so natural beach line. Thus it differs clearly from other artificial lakes. The river Lech, which winds itself through the sea-center, supplies the lake with clear mountain water of top quality. The repeated function of the Forggensees as floodcontrol storage basins for the regulation of the Danube water level, as water reservoirs and for natural energy production underline its meaning.


Connoisseurs find in the gravel bed of the discharged artificial lake sometimes still articles from the stone age, the time of the Romans in Germany or from the Middle Ages. The full water level is always reached around June, 15th. In the local parts Brunnen, Waltenhofen and in the bay close Horn - opposite of the musical - diagrams inform about the eventful sea-history.



The meadows of river Lech - natural treasures

Older photos show the original area structure around Schwangau, before the lake Forggensee was developed: Light wooded river landscape with herb-rich meadow surfaces, whereupon farmsteads and small villages. You will find this still, if you drive on the old road, starting from at the Ulrichsbridge over small villages to the town Reutte in Austria.



The Info-center about the lake

More over the emergence of the lake Forggensee show films and texts in the information center of the power station at its barrage weir 1, close the village Rosshaupten. There also guidance take place twice a week: On each Wednesday at 2 pm in the power station and also on each Friday in the context of a migration, which begins at 9 am in Rosshaupten. To both dates previous registrations are necessary at the tourist information Rosshaupten, telephone: 08367/364.


Versunkener Lebensraum

In the lake more than 50 inhabited buildings sank. Also 16 farms with approximately 800 hectares of effective area. The locality Forggen, the name of the lake reminded of it, consisted of stately single farms and an important, church owned mill. The local part Deutenhausen and four houses scarcely outside of Brunnen went down in this artificial lake. In Deutenhausen, the farmer with the largest surface area of completely Schwangau lived. Some holy figures from the Deutenhausener chapel still stand in Saint Coloman. One of the given up farms in Brunnen possessed a brickyard.


Rivers - the beginning of traffic

River courses are the origin of traffic facilities. Road runs and rails course use above all the river valleys. With the via Claudia Augusta, the Romans created a strategically important military and trade route. It led between Po and Danube along by the valleys of the Etsch, the Inn and at the Lech.  Their embankment runs - also today still accessibly - close of the western bank by the Forggensee. The Roman culture left still further visible witnesses in Schwangau. Closely beside the via Claudia developed the former B 16 centuries later, which sank also in the lake. If the lake is discharged, you can still go walking on its tar cover.


Newer history of lake Forggensee

For 49 years, the artificial lake existing now, it won in the meantime a considerable meaning for the international tourism. Acquaintance and new objects of interest surround its banks. Also new experiences with artificial lake were made. To the protection from surprising floods, a modern flood warning system was inserted at the Lechlauf. Before violent precipitation in the mountains, which can be expected, the water level can be lowered now in prevention.


Open beaches for adventures 

The entire bank range approximately around the lake may not be cultivated. Thus the lakeshores remained nearly everywhere freely accessible. Regular boat connections between all places at the Forggensee exist, starting from in the middle of June. The king class between the boats on the lake occupies the MS Füssen, a dream ship for 400 persons. This ship can be chartered also for private celebrations or for operating trips.


Many bicycle roads around the lake 

Good passable cycle tracks lead approximately around the lake and in its background. There are many and outstanding culture treasures in the king angle and in the adjacent priest angle. The world cultural heritage, Wies church, and the king castles in Schwangau are probably the most well-known. Map material and Flyer for routes through our varied regions, in which mountain and flat country meet one on the other, you receive at the tourist informations.


Watersports - nearly all is possible

Snorkels, fishing rods, rudders, swimming, windsurfing, sailing, everything works on the lake Forggensee. Where you start, remains reserved alone to the favorable bank condition.  However, the peace at the lake for the animals is to remain protected in the best possible way. Therefore motorboats may not drive on it. At the lakeshore, you find various branches, roots and wood. In particular children enjoy to transform the lakeshore into a sculpture landscape with these wooden parts.

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