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Mount Auerberg

Das Regionalportal im Allgäu mit Ferienwohnungen, Hotel oder Pension in Füssen, in Schwangau, in Pfronten, in Lechbruck, in Roßhaupten, in Rieden, in Hopferau und in Nesselwang. Dazu Informationen, Veranstaltungen, Sehenswürdigkeiten, Freizeit - Tips, Branchenbuch, Wetter und Nachrichten der Region Königswinkel im Allgäu.


2/23/2020 : 9:55 pm

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Mount Auerberg Panorama

Above on the mount Auerberg

stands a small church with a prospect platform. From here, you have a marvelous view over the valleys, the valley of the river Lech and the lakes onto the  mountains of the Allgaeu, which limit this panorama towards the south.


Onto the Auerberg, you can either move up on foot through meadows and forests, or drive up briefly from the village Bernbeuren by car.


Directly below the church, beside the parking lot is also a guesthouse.









Panorama vom Auerberg