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The theatre

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6/2/2020 : 3:31 pm

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The theatre Neuschwanstein

The theatre was specially built for the musical Ludwig II - longing for Paradies, directly in the lake Forggensee in Fuessen.


The theatre Neuschwanstein offers 1,380 seats, among them its own kings longe and various offers during the day. In the 150 meters arcade-like entrance halls and extensive park plants present themselves the king worlds of the theatre:

  • Romantik restaurant
  • Classic cafè
  • Beer restaurant
  • Champaign Bar


The unusual building is the largest building project in the Allgäu since end of war. In the Forggensee specially were up-poured a large property of 45,000 m². In addition 70,000 m³ of gravel from the lake were shifted.


The fifth-hasty solidium, consisting of that 32 meters high main's building with 2 wings and each one head-end structure has a 150 meters long glass facade. In close coordination with the authors of the first Ludwig musical the building was sketched by Josephine Barbarino. The draft orients itself at the plans by Gottfried Semper for king Ludwig II. and Richard Wagner planned, but never realized Festspielhaus in Munich and thus also at the theatre in Bayreuth. Also the relationship with the prince regent theatre of Munich is not coincidence.

Since beginning of planning for the musical theatre Neuschwanstein, great importance was attached to insert the theatre new building harmoniously into its surrounding natural landscape. The environmental protection measures played thereby just as large role as equipment with most modern technology in the theatre, in the catering trade and in the service facilities. Gravel for the fill exclusively originates from the lake Forggensee, which in the summer is used as artificial lake, in the winter for the gravel quarrying.