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Rafting museum

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5/30/2020 : 10:09 am

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Rafting museum in Lechbruck am See

The today's Rafting museum is one of the oldest houses of Lechbruck am See. Central in the village, it is at Weidach Nr. 8.


It was built, as can be proven, in the years 1645 and 1646. For conditions at that time, it is a large building and was probably built by wealthy rafting people. The water of the river Lechs reached at that time nearly in front of the house and had an ideal situation in order to tie the delivered wood trunks together in the flat water of the Lech banks (raft binding place). The river Lech was pushed towards into eastern direction, in order to win more land.


The house could tell much about its 350 years of history. Constantly changing inhabitants and then in 18. century the allocation in two housing units left their traces. The allocation did not take place as usual today, but after the roof direktion, in east west direction.


Opening times and dates for guidance, you receive on the beautiful homepage of the Flössermuseums in Lechbruck am See in the web, under




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