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Emperor celebration

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5/27/2020 : 11:14 am

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Introduction of the emperor 



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Emperor celebration 2007

Fuessen in the Middle Ages

In July 2007 again the emperor celebration takes place in the old part of town of Fuessen. In the following you see pictures and the report of the past emperor celebrations. So you can make yourselves a picture of it, what to expect in 2007 ...


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The market place was, again and again loosened up comfortably posed by camps of the land farmhands and prince tents. In the scarce school the becoming young knight could try the fight with sword and lance and prove itself with a genuine sword against a genuine knight. And so the time journey into the Middle Ages began already directly behind the entrance.

And as the princess is kidnapped by dark associates and the saving land warriors have no chance to free her, the children stormed the castle and freed the prncess. But there was a rain of chocolate dimes for the children directly from “emperor Maximilian”.

At the various market conditions, there were specialities and all kinds of goods from the time of the knights, noblemen, wizzards and beggars. As a visitor, you were in the middle in this pageant, a part of it and not only the spectator.

Pageant of the extra class was the tournament of the lion knights. Again, sovereign and funny moderated by the Herold of the emperor, the knights came on the plan and showed their ablities in front of a completely occupied spectator gallery. And it requires a high measure of skill to meet a small ring from full gallopp with the lance, or to split an apple with the sword (Photo).

Dark associates fought against the good ones, and young and adults had their fun. If a child was too impudent in the public, then the barbarians with long swords stormed the grandstand. But the good ones naturally won and the winners of the tournament were invited to have dinner at the table emperors in the evening.

The night tournament was accomplished with much fire charm and here a witch had to be protected by the noble knights from beeing burnt. The Herold led again through the tournament, joined in the public and treated also the delicate topic of the witch burn with very much fine feeling.

And afterwards, at 10:30 pm, nobody really wanted to go home, the tendency was too beautiful. Thus rapidly the beer garden in the lower tree garden filled and there was still celebrated and drunk for a long time.

Also 2005 were emperor celebration of the top class and who missed it, should make himself for 2007 a thick cross into its appointment calendar, in the middle of July, and above all look around in time for a lodging, for the comming emperor celebration 2007 in Fuessen.

Young nobleman

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