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Kings land

Das Regionalportal im Allgäu mit Ferienwohnungen, Hotel oder Pension in Füssen, in Schwangau, in Pfronten, in Lechbruck, in Roßhaupten, in Rieden, in Hopferau und in Nesselwang. Dazu Informationen, Veranstaltungen, Sehenswürdigkeiten, Freizeit - Tips, Branchenbuch, Wetter und Nachrichten der Region Königswinkel im Allgäu.


2/18/2020 : 2:50 pm




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The king angle is the southernmost region in the district Ostallgäu. Here the transition of a hilly landscape to the high mountains takes place. Large meadow surfaces, sumptuous spruce forests and natural, clean lakes and rivers shape this landscape again and again.


The city of Füssen is the largest place and the center of the king angle. Here particularly the pictorial old part of town with the Saint Mang monastery and the high castle is always worth a trip. A further highlight is the new musical theatre Neuschwanstein, which was built directly in the lake Forggensee.


In direct neighbourhood, in Schwangau, the king castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau are situated. Both lure annually over one million visitors from the whole world. The Mount Tegelberg with cabin railway is a popular prospect mountain and starting point for Paraglider and hanggliders.


In the northeast, we find the former village of the Lechflösser, Lechbruck am See. Apart from a very good infrastructure the village has a multiplicity of leisure-time facilities, approximately around the lake "Oberer Lechsee".


The villages of Pfronten and Nesselwang form the conclusion to the west. Both places are shaped of the close mountains and offer many alpine sport possibilities.


The municipalities Hopferau, Eisenberg, Rieden, Rosshaupten and Seeg lie a bit away from the high mountains and are ideal for a family vacation with walking, bicycle touring and discovering.



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