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2/21/2020 : 4:19 pm

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You reach the Bavarian state capital from the king angle with the car comfortably in 1 1/2 hours. If you want to visit several places in Munich, then it is skillful, to park the car in one of the suburbs and drive from there by the rapid-transit railway and the underground to Munich.

The Olympic park

In the year 1972, Munich was the venue of the olympic games. At this time, the generous park in the north of Munich was established and it has not lost anything of its attractiveness and its recreational value. Beside the olympic stadium, and all further sports facilities, the park has 3 further objects of interest:


the Sea Life Center

the BMW Museum

the Olympic tower

Nymphenburg castle

As enormous baroque plant, the castles park Nymphenburg extends in the west of the city. The castle was the summer residence of the Bavarian rulers and with its artful interior arrangement and the much-admired beauty gallery of king Ludwig Ith, it belongs to the most popular objects of interest in Munich .


The park with its old tree existence, the numerous water routes and the hidden park castles invites to go on discovery tour. Well to visit are also the Marstallmuseum, the porcelain collection, the museum humans and nature as well as in direct proximity the Botani garden.

Old city hall

The old the city hall at Marienplatz, in the pedestrian precinct, is a descriptive example of civil, Bavarian gothic:


Noteworthy are the advice and dance hall as well as the bronze lady outside at the tower´s south side. As gift of the twin city Verona, lovers put flowers to the beautiful Julia.