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Sea Life Centre

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2/24/2020 : 8:58 pm

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Sea Life Center in Munich

In the new large aquarium, now the shark fish swims near the olympia lake opposite the ice-skating hall in the Olympic park in Munich. The Sea Life Centre realized in only 11 months the new large aquarium with sea-feeling. The visitors of the Sea Life Centre go on an instructive and exciting journey into the underwater world. The exhibition starts at the source of river and leads into ever deeper waters. So the way of the water can be pursued from the Isar over the Danube down to the black sea and into the Mediterranean sea.


Center of the large aquarium forms the deep sea basin, seizing 400.000 litres, which is crossed by a 10 meter long glass tunnel. Like divers, the visitors can observe the sea inhabitants from the Mediterranean from next proximity, floating majestically by in the basin. On two floors they experience not only the fascination of the domestic and mediterranen underwater world, but received also a comprehensive view of the different ecological systems.

Altogether there are more than 30 basins in the Sea Life Munich. Each aquarium is a special production. The pallet reaches from the cover-high Glaszylinder over the deep Mediterranean basins up to seven meters over two floors to the hip high basin. The different forms of the basins are to grant optimal views to the visitors and insert themselves at the same time into the reproduction of complete habitats.


The Sea Life coworker goes toward the guests, answers all questions and describes connections. Without raised index finger so the beauty, in addition, the fragility of the ecological systems is made clear. A classroom for grades and training aids for teachers underline the environmentaleducational total adjustment of Sea Life.

In Munich approximately 10.5 million euro were invested into the large aquarium. The Olympic park company looked for further constant attractions for the park. It succeeded to the responsible persons to get Sealife durably to Munich. The plant suits itself well into the landscape of the Olympic park.


The exhibition surface amounts to approximately 2,200 square meter on two levels. In the 30 basins swim scarcely 10,000 animals from 150 kinds (sweet and seawaters).

In a circulation equipment 700,000 litres water are prepared constantly. About three per cent of the water are monthly exchanged. Biological filters, denitrification filter, ozone skimer, wave machines and flow generators provide so the best habitat for the fish.


The Sea Life center is, except in the holy evening, opened at 364 days in the year, daily from 10 am to 6 pm (last inlet 6 pm).


The entrance fee is 11.50 euro for adults, 8,50 euro for children. For seniors, pupils and students there are reductions. In addition special tariffs for grades and groups (starting from 15 persons) are offered. It is not permitted to take dogs into the aquarium.


The Sealife aquarium can comfortably be reached by the underground U3, stop olympia center. On foot, it is then still five minutes to walk into the Olympic park to the new attraction of Munich. There are parking lots in the multi-storey car park at the foot of the Olympic tower. Plan however with a waiting period of 1-3 hours!


Info-Line: 0 89-4 50 00-0


Sea Life München

Willi-Daume-Platz 1

80809 München

Tel.:      +49 (89) 45 00 00

Fax.:     +49 (89) 4 50 00 27

E-Mail:   muenchen(at)sealife.de


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