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Land of games

Das Regionalportal im Allgäu mit Ferienwohnungen, Hotel oder Pension in Füssen, in Schwangau, in Pfronten, in Lechbruck, in Roßhaupten, in Rieden, in Hopferau und in Nesselwang. Dazu Informationen, Veranstaltungen, Sehenswürdigkeiten, Freizeit - Tips, Branchenbuch, Wetter und Nachrichten der Region Königswinkel im Allgäu.


2/17/2020 : 2:15 am

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Ravensburger Game land

Cordially welcome on your discovery journey in the largest play room of the world. 


The first station is the topic world the “Green oasis”. Here you can provide for a good overview of the park: The travel with the Swabian railway Elisa takes ten minutes. You can smell the air of the countryside during the tractor travel through hop garden, corn field or meadow. With the animal roundabout, have you the agony of the choice: do you prefer a ride on a pig, on a sheep or a goose? At the merry animal puzzle it applies to combine well: From substantial wooden pieces, you can set individual animals together. Who would like to rather say hello to a genuine Swabian Hälli house pig, is in the stroking zoo at the right place:

Over 80 animals such as sheep, goats, guinea pigs, you can experience here, feed them and strike them. Next door is saddled up for pony riding in the Parcour. Did you already milk a cow? At the milking contest, you can show your ablity. Going on to the minimundus exhibition: You will find there famous cultural monuments and buildings as miniature. Minimundus will open a new park starting from 2005 in the neighbourhood of the Ravensburger play country. In the Green oasis you find also a restaurant with crazy family and child offers and a beautiful beer garden.

More information you will find at: