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Sturmanns cave

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Sturmanns cave in Obermaiselstein

For a long time, there were only some anecdotes and legends, which told of the Sturmanns cave in Obermaiselstein. There, cave Ms “Maringga, Tschudre Mudre and Stuzze Muzz” drove their nuisance, a dragon and some bad ghosts used the dark holes as dwelling.

In the year 1815 the Allgaeu homeland researcher Dr. Geiger did a first attempt, to penetrate into the cave, but he did not come far into it however. Just as the forrestman Wacker from Fischen, who would be almost suffocated during an investigation of the cave inside, “because his companions lighted a fire at the cave entrance”.


After further attempts from 1854 to 1886,the teacher Franz Xaver Epplen from Obermaiselsteiner succeeded in the year 1904 to penetrate with a modern acetylene lamp further into the cave.


From 1904 - 1905 started the new-created association of building of caves, to whose entry only 9 Obermaiselsteiner Büger could be induced, immediately, to make the cave for the public accessible. Already in the summer 1906 2,800 persons did visit the Sturmanns cave, equipped with candles “not always without fear”, as the sources report.


The approx. 2 million years old Sturmanns cave is developed today with approx. 50,000 visitors per year as one of the most popular natural object of interest of the region.

How to reach it ?

B19 direction Oberstdorf - in Fischen branching toward Obermaiselstein. In Obermaiselstein, we recommend the free parking lot at the house of the guest, since parking lots at the cave entrance are very limited. From there along the fire station and sports shop and after approximately 100m left off (signpostss). A narrow bitumen route leads up to the cash kiosk - approx. 30 minutes of walking.


Alternative - approximately as long: From the bottleneck of the road from Obermaiselstein to Tiefenbach, the so-called “deer jump” (bus stop and small parking lot), a shady forrest path leads in direction of the entrance.


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