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Kristall Therme

Das Regionalportal im Allgäu mit Ferienwohnungen, Hotel oder Pension in Füssen, in Schwangau, in Pfronten, in Lechbruck, in Roßhaupten, in Rieden, in Hopferau und in Nesselwang. Dazu Informationen, Veranstaltungen, Sehenswürdigkeiten, Freizeit - Tips, Branchenbuch, Wetter und Nachrichten der Region Königswinkel im Allgäu.


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Königliche Kristall Therme in Schwangau

The bathing and Wellness - thermal bath with 2 welfare water basin of 32 and 36°C water temperature and different amount of salt with 2,5 and 5%. Numerous whirlers spend massages in most pleasant way.

From the thermal pools over a swimming channel, you arrive at the external basin outside with vortex channel. With 36°C water temperature it is to be used the whole year and you can have a unique alpine panorama and the direct view to the castle of Neuschwanstein in the open air, while healthy-bathe and relaxing.

In the sow hub realm you find nature brine beside the Salzsauna “Venusgrotte” and that - welfare water basin also the “Bergsauna” with a singular Ambiente for well-being feeling. Altogether 7 topics - sows with different temperatures and smell compositions will offer unforgettable sow experience to you.

Welcome in the Turkish Hamam. In this Wellness department the body is warmed up and cleaned with opening of the skin pores in high air humidity. Here also massages are offered.








In the jewel - meditation cave, a world novelty, dream, how once king Ludwig II. of Bavaria. To dive into a country of the various light - this is, what the juwelry-cave with its light plays from five tons of crystals, Amethysten, rose quartz and agates is offering. Thirteen different color combinations shift bodies, spirit and soul into one indeed “royal” relaxation.

Feast and enjoy whether in thermal area - Bistro or in the Sauna - restaurant, you will be royally served with food and drinks and many fine palate joys. You can select between light meals, which are aligned to Diät already, or specialities from the region.


Open on:


Monday - Friday


9 am - 10 pm


Saturday u. Sunday

9 am - 10 pm



9 am - 10 pm


Tuesday and Friday

from 7 pm no cloth!


Kristall Therme


Am Kurpark

87645 Schwangau


0 83 62 - 81 96 30